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Bishop Dr. Carl Robinson  PhD.

An Anointed Word


First of all in these segments understand that out all the diverse experiences you may have had the wilderness experience is the most intense and beneficial trial you can go through. It is imported for you to understand that this is a part of every believers Christian experience and the only way to come out is to go through. Go through your wilderness.

This is a very intense 10 step process, 10 being the number of maturity and completion. God‘s purpose is to mature and complete us so that we are wanting nothing.

" Proverbs 13:25 the righteous eateth to the satisfying of the soul but the belly of the wicked shall want"

The 10 Step Process (1) recognizing your desert (2) entering the desert (3) directions in the desert (4) relationships in the desert (5) ministry in the desert (6) praying in the desert (7) praise in the desert (8) attitude in the desert (9) coming out of the desert (10)restoration after the desert

An Anointed Word

How To Stop Blessing From Flowing " The Jonah Complex
Jonah Chapter 1

He had been told specifically by the Lord what to do. Where to go and when but because his opinion and thoughts meant more to him than what the Lord wanted him to do, he failed to obey. That disobedience not only put Jonah out of the will of God but in harms way and anyone who was with him.

Characteristics Of Jonah

Jonah was determined not to do what the Lord had because he had another agenda. It is hard to do right when you are doing something else. Understand that Jonah is on an "ill assignment " in other words he is accomplishing an assignment given to him by Lord that has been altered because of his rejection of the will of the Lord. Ill assignment comes when the wrong desires are mixed with the true purpose of God for a specific assignment. The devil knows how to take people you love and put them on ill assignment to eventually destroy you. How can a woman or a man that say they love you tell you to your face they have feelings for someonelse. An ill assignment designed to destroy you!

People who do not add to you are there to take from you and will ultimately leave you nothing. Those who add or pour nothing into your life are there ultimately to take away from you.

Jonah Can be: Your boyfriend, Secret Lover, Vices/ Bad habbits, Lies, children, so called best friend, Your greed,Your unfaithfulness, Your slothfullness, Excuses, lies, Unfairness, selfishness, deceitfulness , Having a good time or Just like things your own way.
"When you place other things ahead of God you become a Jonah....

Spirit Of Self; He was only interested in what his selfishness told him and not the will of God. When the "Spirit of lust" is concieved people only care about them selves and they do not mind taking you down with them cause they figure thy have nothing to loose. This is vicious cycle but it is the truth.

Spirit Of Doubt: They just do not believe , if they did they would work righeteousnss. When people are not faithful to a thing they have doubts, usually cause they are trying to enforce their own will. And they become anti you let them know they can't always have things their way. To love God is to obey him.

Spirit Of Confussion: Going the wrong direction. It is always different from the way you are going, But people claim they know the righ way.When following the Lord throught the spirit you can always find his will, worship, Praise, Peace, Prosperity and Blessings!

Spirit Of Rebellion: The spirit of disobedience. Fighting God, Calling good evil and evil good. Looking for a substitue for right that suits themselves. When people rebel, they will blame , lie, scheme, find fault and war in the spirit against you. The Judgement of the Lord is on them and they will bring it straight to you while trying to hide themselves from obeying God. Spirit Of Distruction: They are on their way out and don't even know it. Thye can't even see it.

Balam(Prophet of Disobedience)
Judas (Hung himself after betraying Jesus )
Absolon Faught agains David and died hanging by his own hair)
Saul tried to kill David and was rejected by God )
Samson (disobey God got Delila and ended up blind , bald and committed sucied)
Ananias and Sapharia (lied to God thinking Im telling the preacher off and dropped dead) "It is indeed a complex!

A Timothy Word

When you get in the Word

The Tabernacle

Bishop Carl Robinson
The Prayer Of Solomon


An Anointed Word


    By Bishop Carl Robinson


    An Anointed Word


    *Get In The Right Attitude before you bring god a gift give him you! Start all over and start new and ask him for a new start. He is the God od a second chance. Be truthful. You cannot deal with God in lies and expect he to show you truth.

    *Deal With Your Devils

    You success is determined by what you are willing to ignore. You must be willing ignore: the critzism of others
    Your mistakes & your self absorption
    False Accusations
    Stop using tanks to kill mesqiteos

    Remember your enemies will never believe you but your friends will never need an explaination The goal of the enemy it to break your focus!

    You Enemy is: anyone who searches our your flaws anyone wh tries to stop you from accomplishing your assignment
    anyone who does not respect you
    *Remember if you are a David you will always have a Goliath

    *Find Your Place Of Assignment:
    First of all find a place wher your gift is celebrated not tolerated!
    You assignment is the only place where financial provision is gaurenteed!
    The problem you are called to solve is your assignment

    7 out of 10 people are working on the wrong job 98 % of people hired are hired because of appearance and not job qualification and suitability. People in the body are in the wrong place, mis-assigned, mis-placed, mis-understood, di-jointed, dis-fellowshiped and dis-couraged, because of mis-Assignment. I may not be popular, among my kind of people, my personal preference but I am in my place. Touch somebody and say come on home!!!

    *Understand and Follow Protocol

    *It is a place of obedience Every enviorment requires a code of conduct for entry.

    Examples: White house,order of services, forigen governments Protocol: Order of the House It conveys value. Benny Henn was in a place where he only had 100,000 people i attendance wher he had usually 300,000. He quickly reconized something was wrong. So he began to enquire who was the spiritual authority? He found out it was an Arch Bishop. He ask for an audience with him but was only given 5 minutes. He shared with the Arch Bishop that he was not against him or his religion bt want to see souls saved to the kingdom just like he had been doing and that he would do no harm. The man gave him an additional hours of time and when he came back the next year he had 500,000 people in attendance!

    An Anointed Word

    CRONOS: Seed Planting, Sowing, Investing
    KIROS: Seed Reaping, Harvest, Blessing

    How many of us want God to break the back of poverty??? Some of our generational curses go back to far for us to remember. You sowing can break the back of poverty cause sowing is not natural it is supernatural! When you seed you should seed with three things in mind. You must be definite. God is not confussed so he does not answere confussed prayers. A double minded person is unstable in all his ways. If you cannot make up your mind how do you expect God to reward you according to your faith when your faith is wavering. God does not bless up and down. Maybe on Monday, I hope on Tuesday , I am not sure on wednseday, I do not know why it's not happening no Thursday and The devil is busy on Friday and Saturday I am going back home to plaquemen cause I can't make!

    Be specific and be faithful! Again there are three thing you can catagorize things in.Understand Nothing leaves heaven till something leaves earth! Remember you are a Gods vessel and you can speak it, name it , claim it . Priest Proclaim, Declare and Decree! When God first speaks to your heart do not disobey! Someone says I am not disobedient but did you obey. When you are given something to do it. Delay that is a sign of disobedience. Disobedient people will never be blessed. Sinners will take your blessing home before you will.We wonder why the enemy is so blessed. He is under a different covenant than you so the principles work differently.

    (1) Uncommon Family Restoration/
    (2) Uncommon Favor/
    (3) Uncommon Finacial Wisdom/ Deu 8:18

    The Process

    There is a process that you have to go through in order to get blessed.And when you do the right things vs doing things right God honors that and he blesses you based on you attitude at the time of seed and harvest.

    Before you try to emplement sowing and reaping principles there are some consideration. There has to be some order. I do not mean everything in your life has to be in order but your thinking process must submitt to the will of God and not what you suppose based on how you have already messed of things for your own self. Trying to seek God in a mess you made is most difficult to to do and getting out of that mess is even harder if not impossible. You cannot seek God with the same mind you got yourself messed up with. You will have to come to a place of submission, give up, shut up, Real surrendering to God You surrender with a white flag!! Not a pink, pokadot! I will give if if he do. Cut all the drumma and just give!!Stop bring God a sacrafice when you want honor him. God will honor you sacrafice when you honor his word! ( Psalms ) 51:17 The sacrafices of God are a broken and contrite spirit

    " God's Got a BlessingJust For You"

    " A Year Of Manisfestation "

    His Excellence
    President & Chief
    International Presiding Prelate & Chief Apostle SHMI
    * Bishop Carl Robinson

    Ministry Seal Of The Bishop